There are four ways of consulting this website

  • 1. In the main menu under THE BLOG you’ll find the usual blog posts in reverse date order
  • 2. Next door you’ll find posts which have grown into full-scale articles or presentations, found under LONGER READS
  • 3. If you are following just one trail of interest then both of these publications can be filtered into 8 different categories of interest called THEMES
  • 4. Under TOPICS these themes have been broken down further into mini-sets of interest

Finding your way around this websiteOn a laptop you can find menus at the top, bottom and to the right hand side. Just click on an item in the top menu, in the themes and topics on the right or in the extended menu at the bottom. On a mobile click on the menu icon top left and select or scroll right down to the bottom to read by theme or topic and choose an item on the extended menu

If you wish to contribute to the discussion, please leave a comment on any of the entries. Any links to external websites will take you to a new browser page so that you do not lose your place on this website

If you get lost, just click on the website title and it will bring you back to this HOME page so you can start again

And finally, you can read this website in your own language – The dropdown translator top left will follow you wherever you go and languages are displayed in alphabetical order with a national flag to help. If your language is not there drop me a line and I will add it asap. This uses Google Translate, which is pretty good but some phrases may read a bit odd – for which apologies.

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