There is a myth that the Chinese divide a life of knowledge into four sections: accumulation, consolidation, distribution, withdrawal. I’m in my last but one decade and distribution has been my mantra for a decade already. But work has dried up and withdrawal is starting to look tempting, so I’m redeveloping this blog to share what I know before I join an increasing number of my old colleagues down at the morgue.

I’ve been a generalist by trade – touche Ă  tout as the French say – both of which are kinder ways of saying “master of none”! I also had a chronically bad start in life, and still trail all kinds of dross from that period. I used to kid myself I could shake it off but now I’ve just learned to live alongside its flotsam. It’s no bad thing: Meg Jay reckons adversity hits 75% of us and 30% come out of it with higher resilience. According to the Swedes, we’re the dandelions, pushing up like weeds through the blacktop whatever the prevailing conditions. So my real aim in offering this website is to demonstrate to others in the same boat, those divorced from privilege and not hindered by vacuous entitlement in this me-obssessed age, that it is possible to develop positive outcomes in spite of the noxious effects of the minority.

There are five ways to consult this websiteuse the Google translate button to read in your own language (if yours is not there, write me in the comment box below and I’ll add it asap)

Happy reading! Stay safe, be kind, live well.