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Cultural Diplomacy and Creative Mobility

This post comes from a presentation I was asked to make for the Creative Mobility session at the 2nd annual Cultural Diplomacy Seminar  of the London branch of EUNIC on 1st July 2011 at Europe House. The brief was to reveal any specific thoughts, ideas, visions or theories that I may hold about creative mobility, in particular future visions of how mobility could be utilised to enhance the economic and co-production opportunities for artists and cultural producers in these difficult times. Continue reading Cultural Diplomacy and Creative Mobility

Pacing Yourself

This article forms part of a series where the benefit of hindsight over a long career allows me to dare to offer advice to younger entrepreneurs and managers. As my responses are often prompted by a query I have received, I find that each input has a better guarantee of being timely, relevant and of good reflective quality – all objectives in my content strategy. In this way they seem to meet a wider concern than just that of the person who asked the question in the first place. Continue reading Pacing Yourself

World Music as Cultural Diplomacy?

This article comes out of an invitation from WOMEX 2011, the World Music Expo meeting that October in Copenhagen, to address the question:

“What are the practicalities, challenges and ethics of world music as cultural diplomacy today? And is it becoming more or less relevant to the sector?”

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Nine Hints on How to Talk to a Cultural Attaché

These nine hints on how to talk to a cultural attaché come out of an invitation from BAFA to speak at their annual conference of UK arts festivals in 2010, held in Brighton in the November of that year. I formed part of  a panel presentation on international links where I was asked to address the question: “The Ecology of the Cultural Attaché”.

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Cultural Diplomacy Web Resources

New material is being produced all the time. This is a selective list of the main resources on Cultural Diplomacy from 2012 onwards that you could tap into on the Web, some of which are not as objective as they may seem.

To start with, here is a core lecture from the man himself, Mr Joseph Nye.

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Cultural Diplomacy – a Rapid Primer

This information originally appeared as part of my earlier article on World Music and Cultural Diplomacy where you will find all the references. It is reproduced here in a bite-sized chunk to improve access. For a deeper read, have a look at the reading list.

Diplomacy is an international system designed to regulate foreign policy and power, born many centuries ago, but which took off with the rise of the late medieval city states of Europe.

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