Diversity of Cultural Expressions

The UNESCO Diversity of Cultural Expressions was agreed in 2005 and adopted in 2007

The right wing counter with Patriotism and don’t believe Theresa May 2012 : “If you’re a citizen of the world you’re a citizen of nowhere”

To combat this

  • Be a cosmopolitan citizen of the world – International, Progressive, Digital, WordPressed, Global
  • Combat nationalist exceptionalism and learn about why: The Peace of Westphalia, a treaty that launched the notion of inviolate State borders in 1648 – undermined by the bipolarity of the Cold War and the longevity of NATO

Taking Responsibility

Demonstrate Flexibility

Offer Open Source

Become more Collegial 

Get interested in the Transfer of Power

Learn to Criticise the Institutions

Develop Capacity

None of this need be about so-called empowerment for a Dandelion Child

Read how your Resilience has Developed through Adversity