Direct or representative democracy?

A work in progress.

Thanks to Milton Freedman, we now live in a world of rampant individualists. Value has triumphed over values. That is, personal gain literally Trumps ethics – as we have seen in the US.

If we in the UK learned anything from the Brexit referendum, it was that representative democracy no longer cuts the mustard; so remote as to become distrustful.

Everyone now wants to see their own vote count, with direct impact. A hundred per cent. But we’re learning that that only happens if my will prevails. So the next phase is going to be (has started already): autocracy. Majorities? Ha. If you don’t agree with me, you don’t/won’t count. I’m going to have my way regardless.

FFS. We are a social ape. This is going to cause havoc with our mental health, collaboration is going to be a nightmare, the collective is well and truly dead.

Or is it?

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