Brexit: Staying European

No need to panic – a moment of rupture produces change

In the UK we are going to need to undo some of the damage 

  1. Become a non-party campaigner
  1. Seek to change the government
  1. Create a progressive coalition (a single party has never been able to produce the percentage swing required to defeat the two party, first-past-the-post system)
  1. Empathize – seek to understand and then to be understood
  1. Campaign for the European passport to open up the borders and pay the fee

6a. figure out what you can control

6b. work with the right people

6c. change your narrative 

7. Patience. Always keep in mind that every story has 5 elements: the inciting incident, the background, the decision (at the heart of every story), the low point (the consequences of that decision), before you reach the resolution

8. For UK citizen rights when coming home, see Fiona Godfrey of British in Europe

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