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New material is being produced all the time. This is a selective list of the main resources on Cultural Diplomacy from 2012 onwards that you could tap into on the Web, some of which are not as objective as they may seem.

To start with, here is a core lecture from the man himself, Mr Joseph Nye.

Steve Green, who used to work for the British Council, does trustworthy work on the issue. Here is a particularly useful overview.
The University of Southern California leads on research into the area

The ICCE at Goldsmiths College London University together with the umbrella organisation ENCATC are very active in the area and have provided much of the material for this post.
Click here for the official view from Europe.
The Ditchley Foundation organised a conference in March 2012 on Cultural Diplomacy: Does it Work? Here is their report.

The British Council continues to develop policy in this area. See one of their latest statements that trust pays, how international cultural relationships build trust in the UK and underpin the success of the UK economy

The Netherlands Institute of International Relations regularly publishes on the theme of Futures for Diplomacy – “integrative diplomacy” for the 21st Century.

EUNIC is a key organisation of European diplomats in post in the cultural institutes 

Fergus Hanson produced Revolution @State: The Spread of Ediplomacy for the Lowy Institute in 2012

Rod Fisher with Carla Figueira regularly update their research for More Europe

Are you just starting on this? Here are the basic texts everyone needs to read

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Nye 2002: Nye, Joseph S. (2002) The Paradox of American Power: Why the World’s Only Superpower Can’t Go It Alone. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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