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We are social apes and I believe in the power of dialogue. However:

  • This site does not use cookies
  • This site has no contact form and it does not collect any personal data.
  • If you wish to converse with me then the safest thing is to leave a comment at the end of a post where applicable or join me on social media
  • This site will not send marketing emails as I won’t have your email address and I have nothing to sell anyway
  • You can contact me also via social media by clicking on the relevant buttons


  • This site makes research information freely available that is considered relevant to site objectives, in the spirit of saving you time and allowing you to be more active
  • The content of this site is copy protected. If you detect any content on this website (say text or image) that appears to be published without permission (ideas are not copyrightable), please let me know asap. If the content is yours, please indicate if you will permit it to remain. Otherwise it will be deleted if permission has clearly not been granted

Thank you. Stay safe.