Go Bottom Up

The extent to which the use of social media by campaigns follows the command and control model, or a more bottom-up, decentralized approach. (Source – the LSE blog)

To selectively adopt digital tools that fit with the traditional top-down model; in other cases, the dynamics created by linking to other grassroots organizations can have transformative effects.

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Taking Responsibility

Demonstrate Flexibility

Offer Open Source

Become more Collegial 

Get interested in the Transfer of Power

Learn to Criticise the Institutions

Develop Capacity

None of this need be about so-called empowerment for a Dandelion Child

Read how your Resilience has Developed through Adversity

15. The Dialectic

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“The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point, however, is to change it.” Theses on Feuerbach 11th thesis Karl Marx 1845

Dialectical philosophers such as Kant and Hegel taught that, contrary to the discoveries of the previous centuries, resolution in fact feeds contradiction. But it was Marx who first posited that this process did not actually result in harmony. Continue reading 15. The Dialectic

13. Harmony

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It has been somewhat hard to accept at times that the resolution of the contradictions facing me will merely create a further set, and the relentless truth of this has often led me to seek some respite. I have even made efforts to assert the supremacy of harmonious principles to offer me some comfort when faced with the irreconcilable resolution of these oppositions. Continue reading 13. Harmony

12. Contradiction

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“Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?” Nursery Rhyme

Definition by opposition

Adolescents thrive on being negatively defined in opposition to their parents. One takes delight in being alternative. Potentiate. As a grown-up, where before one might have opposed, the effective focus needs not to oppose but to contradict.

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