Diversity of Cultural Expressions

The UNESCO Diversity of Cultural Expressions was agreed in 2005 and adopted in 2007

The right wing counter with Patriotism and don’t believe Theresa May 2012 : “If you’re a citizen of the world you’re a citizen of nowhere”

To combat this

  • Be a cosmopolitan citizen of the world – International, Progressive, Digital, WordPressed, Global
  • Combat nationalist exceptionalism and learn about why: The Peace of Westphalia, a treaty that launched the notion of inviolate State borders in 1648 – undermined by the bipolarity of the Cold War and the longevity of NATO

Care Leavers

Bridging the Power Gap

An odd choice for me to focus on you might say, but if you want to do something really practical to bridge the ever-widening socio-economic power gap, then spare a thought for all those young people making the transition from deep institutionalisation to a poverty-stricken independence. You could do worse than get involved with this particular cohort of young people, all at the threshold of becoming a responsible adult in a hostile environment.

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Mental Health

The lockdown started with fears of dystopia and social breakdown, but appears to be ending with people more closely bonded and appreciative of nature than before. 

The question is: How long can we get that mood to last, once capitalism revs up again?

Pay more attention to each other – there is more to life than money.

Provide a “gentle space” that will help socially isolated residents to reintegrate Cook for one another and leave food on the steps

Reconnect with friends

Get the beachfront as close to bustling as it is possible to get in an era of physical distancing:  long queues for fish and chips and ice-cream, family picnics, play football, fly kites.

See https://unitedgmh.org