10. Boundaries

Previous or Start Again ?

A story….

I trained as a teacher. It was a one-year course, which meant you had to cram a lot in, being sent on teaching practice once a term to gain some experience in front of the children. We read up on all the theories of education but struggled with the transfer into practice, so we rarely knew success in spite of what we told ourselves at the time. It all seems terribly amateur now. Intellectually Continue reading 10. Boundaries

Direct or representative democracy?

A work in progress.

Thanks to Milton Freedman, we now live in a world of rampant individualists. Value has triumphed over values. That is, personal gain literally Trumps ethics – as we have seen in the US.

If we in the UK learned anything from the Brexit referendum, it was that representative democracy no longer cuts the mustard; so remote as to become distrustful.

Everyone now wants to see their own vote count, with direct impact. A hundred per cent. But we’re learning that that only happens if my will prevails. So the next phase is going to be (has started already): autocracy. Majorities? Ha. If you don’t agree with me, you don’t/won’t count. I’m going to have my way regardless.

FFS. We are a social ape. This is going to cause havoc with our mental health, collaboration is going to be a nightmare, the collective is well and truly dead.

Or is it?

Cultural Diplomacy or Creative Enterprise: a Definition of Terms

For the past few years I have been privileged to be invited each July to give a lecture on this topic to the MA students in arts administration at Boston University as part of their London Summer School. There is a lot of sloppy definition about around these four terms and I have used these annual sorties to gradually hone my ideas. This presentation dates from July 2016. Continue reading Cultural Diplomacy or Creative Enterprise: a Definition of Terms

Creativity and Leadership

This participatory article is from a presentation I was asked to make as agent provocateur at Factorial in October 2014, a meeting of artists and city administrators concerning what to do about the eight dysfunctional art factories in the City of Barcelona. Continue reading Creativity and Leadership